Integrated Solutions has a business model and philosophy to ensure a smooth and efficient approach to developing & supporting your documents, data & marketing programs. 
Integrated Solutions provides analysis, design, development and implementation assistance for those companies committed to reducing cost and liability while increasing employee productivity. Our goal is to continually evaluate workflow automation and technology to identify the best business processes for the client.

The solutions we recommend will take full advantage of today’s technology, comply with design and testing standards, and allow opportunity for a rapid return on investment. Our approach will save time and dollars associated with production and distribution of documents and the data contained within.

As a member of our trade association, we benefit from the increased membership of wholesale manufacturers. This has allowed Integrated Solutions to separate its business model from the liabilities of owning equipment, personnel, property, and call for production of precise products from the most proficient manufacturers.

Mission Statement:  To attain leadership in our industry by cultivating an environment that improves customer service, explores new product opportunities and increases our points of sale. All of this resulting in superior results, increased market share, and on-going growth with our customers.